The Ampurdán (in Catalan and officially, Empordá) is a historical region of Catalonia (Spain), located in the province of Gerona. It roughly matches the boundaries of the old county of Ampurias. The region takes its name from the Greek colony of Ampurias (Emporion).

Staying at Torre Mirona is a uniqueexperience. The only goal is to allow you to forget your daily routine in the privileged setting of Alt Emporda where every corner, every place, every activity represents an authentic luxury.

You are 7 kilometers from Figueras, birthplace of Salvador Dali and the epicenter of his art. But Figueras is well worth a visit also for the charm of its picturesque and lively streets. Taste the relaxed atmosphere of the end of the day on the Rambla.

In addition to the Dali Museum, be sure to visit the San Pere Church, a remarkable Gothic building, the Toy Museum, the Archaeological Museum of Emporda and Castel San Ferran.

Also close to the beautiful beaches of the Costa Brava and the impressive mountains of the Pyrenees.




  • Covered area: 80m2
  • Number of persons: 4
  • Number of rooms: 2
  • Individual Beds: 2
  • Double Beds: 1
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Parking: